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Screw Jack - Screw lift (Screw Jacks - Screw lifts)

SLSWL Worm-bolt Lifter

SLSWL Worm-bolt Lifter

Screw Jack - Screw lift

SWL screw-worm Jack or screw lift lifts widely used in machine building, metallurgy, construction, irrigation equipment and other industries, is starting up, and dropped through accessories advance, overturned and position adjustment and other functions at various altitudes. SWL is a worm screw-lift crane components foundation with compact structure, small size and light weight. Sources extensive, no noise, easy installation, the use of flexible, multi-function, supporting forms, high reliability, long life and many other advantages. Can be single or in combination, can be controlled accurately in accordance with certain procedures to enhance or promote the adjustment of height Motor power can be used directly or can also be manually operated. It's a form of structure and assembly, and the height can be customized user requirements

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