Comprehensive range of Couplings ensures that there is a coupling suitable for practically every industrial application viz.: pumps (including back pullout type), conveyors, elevators, packaging machinery, food processing plants, compressors, machine tools, blowers, calendars, rolling mills, paper machinery, cranes, dredgers, rubber and plastic machinery, cement plant machinery, screens etc.

Wide range of elastomeric and all metal flexible couplings ensure that there is at least one coupling for every application.

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Flange Flexible Couplings Chain Coupling Catalog  HRC Couplings
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Fenaflex Spacer CouplingsRigid CouplingsJaw Couplings
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PIN CouplingsMH CouplingsNM Couplings

Speed Reducers & Geared Motors

UDL speed variators       NMRV Worm reducers    Cyclodal gear reducers  Casting Iron Worm reducers   

   Helical Geared motors     Gearbox for Agricultural Machinery   spiral bevel geared motors   Special Reducer    

Electric motors  

Y2 series Motors  Y Series Motors  YD series multi-speed motors  YS series Motors   YC YL series motors  Y3 series motors

Attchment parts  for reducers:

 Taper Lock Pulleys     Gears and Racks  Synchronous Drives    Taper Lock Bushes, Hubs & Adaptors    Couplings


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